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Gaita makers

Posted: Sat Apr 11, 2009 10:25 pm
by anima
Can anyone comment on the gaitas from:

Lis (Xosé Luís Latas Vilanova)
Gonzalo Rodríguez Caride
Carlos Fandino
Carlos Gil


Re: Gaita makers

Posted: Sun Apr 12, 2009 7:45 am
by LuifeSpain
Lis is one of the best now. He has patented the tuneable chanter, so you can get the chanter in tune in all climates wihout touch the reed. Maybe the scottish want to do this one day ;)

Gonzalo Caride is not a good maker. He plays very good, but their bagpipes are not the Best.

Carlos Fandiño makes BEAUTIFULL bagpipes, but I can´t try any os his instruments.

Jr was the maker of my first "profesional bagpipe". He was a normal maker, but he has improved very much. Bieito Romero, the bagpiper of Luar Na Lubre groups, plays some bagpipes made by him.

And Gil is not Carlos, is Xose Manuel Gil: he is the living tradition of Anton Corral, and in my opinion, he makes gaitas as good as his maker. He has a waiting list and he is not cheap but....GOOD MALE BAGPIPES

Re: Gaita makers

Posted: Sun Apr 12, 2009 11:16 am
by Keltia-Art

Re: Gaita makers

Posted: Sun Apr 12, 2009 1:56 pm
by anima
Keltia-Art wrote:A new maker, Patricia Cela
Wow, her pipes look beautiful, and her prices are good, How do they sound?

A female pipemaker, who would have thought........... :mrgreen:


Re: Gaita makers

Posted: Sun Apr 12, 2009 6:54 pm
by LuifeSpain
His master is Anton Corral, so she is a Female maker that makes Male gaitas :P

I can´t try any of his instruments, but I think they were very similar to Anton Corral originals.

Re: Gaita makers

Posted: Sun Apr 12, 2009 10:33 pm
by anima
Can you explain more the difference between male and female pipes?


Re: Gaita makers

Posted: Mon Apr 13, 2009 3:29 am
by LuifeSpain
Like other things in life, it´s better if you can try with your hands, but listen:

Male bagpipes have more volume. Some people says these Gaitas have more harmonics, I don´t know, but something you feel the wind in the holes with your fingers. They are powerfull bagpipes, you can play with a scottish piper and you will hear both pipes.

Female bagpipes are more "european". They have an sweet sound, very comfortable with the drones. They have a good volume, but for outdoors are less volume than Male Gaitas.

This is a subjetive clasification of Galician Bagpipes and I don´t know his origin. I think in the past, all Gaitas are MALE gaitas, because the bores were bigger, the timber and volume were great. Today you can choose your type of gaita according with your preferences. I play female bagpipes because they sounds good with the ancient-closed fingering og Galician Bagpipes, but also I have some Male bagpipes and chanters.

There is a good maker in Galicia, Oli Xiraldez, that makes "REALLY-MALE GAITAS"

(Push PORTAFOL for see his bagpipes and galician flutes)

He puts the reed not for play easily, so the power and sound of his bagpipes are...really male! You need good muscles in your arm for play them :P

I have a B and B flat chanter from him and I really like them.

Re: Gaita makers

Posted: Tue Apr 14, 2009 7:42 pm
by anima
I have been talking with Patricia Cela by email over the past few days. Her prices are right, her pipes are beautiful in the photos, her provenance is good (studied under Anton Corral), my wife has given me the go ahead, - I am almost ready to place an order except for one question, has anyone heard her pipes? How do they sound? Are they in tune? How is the tone?

I have also been talking to J&R - can anyone comment on their pipes?

Is there a large degree of homogeneity among gaita makers or is it more like the uilleann pipe world where there are great swings in quality and sound among the different makers?


Re: Gaita makers

Posted: Wed Apr 15, 2009 1:31 am
by Yuri
Luife, frankly I can't comprehend just what you mean by male and female pipes. What makes a pipe male? or female? When you pick up a set, do you say straightaway "yes, this is definitely a male set"?

Re: Gaita makers

Posted: Wed Apr 15, 2009 9:23 am
by LuifeSpain
I never tried with a Patricia Cela bagpipe, but I think this: She is a pupil of Anton Corral. It means she employs the measurements of Anton Corral, exactly the sames, so teh bagpipes of his workshop will sound very very similar to Anton Corral Bagpipes.

But Anton Corral has NUMEROUS pupils...All of them are very good.

The best of them is XOSE MANUEL GIL. OLI XIRALDEZ is also very good.

A little advices when you order a CORRAL SCHOOL bagpipe:

-If you want a modern look, order the MOXENAS turned for the bagpipe. Moxenas was a bagpiper who desgined this aesthetic in the past.

-If you want a CLASSIC look, order the BAROQUE turned for the bagpipe.

-Please, tell that you want the bagpipe with WAX FINISH. Anton Corral and some pupils use BRILLIANT GLAZE and the bagpipe seems to be a Mirror... I don´t like the brilliant glaze finish.

-I will not order a bagpipe with plastic or imitation horn rings. I don´t like synthethic materials mixed with natural wood. A good alternative are wooden rings like boxwood.

-Of course, the most popular key is C. If you want a Traditional combination of drones, you must select: A bass drone, A bass drone and a tenor drone or a bass drone plus tenor drone plus little drone with DOUBLE REED tuned in fifth. I you want a Modern combination of drones, you can select a bass drone and a tenor drone tuned in fifth, or a bass drone plus tenor drone plus little drone with single reed tuned in tonic.

I prefer the Traditional combination of drones: Bass drone, tenor drone and little drone with double reed in fifth. It sounds like a "double.chanter" bagpipe.

- A good option is order an STOP KEY for all drones. I like this option.

- A goretex bag will be good for moisture problems, but GOAT bags are the best for play comfortable.

-Please, don´t order a black velvet bag cover.....ALL PEOPLE IN GALICIA HAS A BAGPIPE WITH BLACK VELVET BAG COVER.........They seems fascist bagpipes with the same uniform....There are numeorus fabric styles and colours for make an original bag cover.

And now for Yuri: This is the same thing as wide bore uilleann pipes and the narrow bore uilleann pipes. When you play a male gaita and a female gaita, the male gaita sounds louder, That´s all! :P

Also there is a little variation in High C and Ab fingerings, but there is a little difference. Reeds are also a little different.

The interior diameter makes that male bagpipes sounds louder, and female bagpipes sounds sweet.