Galician Smallpipe, the answer for play at home.

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Re: Galician Smallpipe, the answer for play at home.

Postby Yuri » Wed Feb 04, 2015 10:59 pm

Hi aneji.
I only ever made the one set for a player in Spain. Luifespain is his name round here. I myself cannot play the fingering, but if you contact him, I'm sure he'll direct you towards the clip(s) he made. However, the sound kind itself is the same as thye other fingering smallpipes I made at the time. These days I use crumhorn reeds, so the sound is a bit more "reedy", and can be set to be louder or softer at the beginning. (Once set, that's that, you cannot adjust the strength of the reed afterwards, as the tuning will go out a bit.) But if you go to yo8utube, find "richartherabbitheart" (that's me), there are a few clips me playing the equivalent smallpipes, just with different fingering.
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