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Gaita Classes in Berkeley august 5,6th

Posted: Thu May 16, 2013 3:34 pm
by oregaiteiro
Hello All - Here are some details of a gathering of Gaiteiros in August on the 5th and 6th in Berkeley California. Hoping some of you might consider coming along. We are bringing a teacher from Galicia. Hope to do more of these in the future. Here are details:

Gaita Institute

august 5 and 6. Classes in the morning and afternoon. Sessions and dancing in the evening in the
evening. Galician food and culture!

Proposed focus areas -

- Repertoire and lore about "Juan Bello Mallou, O gaiteiro das Casas Novas" - Better known as Mallou, and the subject of Alexandre Cadarso's new book of the same name.This will be a chance to not only learn new tunes, but to learn their roots, where they were played, and something about the life of the man who popularized them, and the context in which they were played.

Reed doctoring - repairs and optimizing performance and intonation - there will be one section on reed practices and techniques. Cano learned from Herme, acknowledged as one of the great reed masters of Galicia.

Requinta - instructions on the traditional Galician transverse small flute, which sounds so grand with gaitas - emphasis on technique, practice, and repertoire from Cano's other new book,
"A Requinta Adobada". This repertoire is good for requints, flutes, as well as gaitas, pennywhistles in G, and other flutes and instruments.

Dance and Tune forms in Galicia - a time to focus on what makes a foliada, carballesa, danza, xota, muiƱeira, rumba,alborada, passacorredoiras, polca, xotis and more, and when they were played, and what the dances looked like.

Regional stylistic differences in Galician traditional music. There were many unique stylistic characteristics of piping in the various comarcas and regions of Galicia, and we will learn something about these differences.

A section on percussion for those who want to sharpen their skills, including gaiteiros.

Instructor - Alexandre 'Cano' Cadarso
Cano learned gaita as a young man, and traveled and played with the renowned group Brincadeira. He plays, in addition to gaita, the transverse flutes, including the requinta, a small Galician traditional instrument, the button accordion, both chromatic and diatonic, and Galician percussion instruments including pandeireita, tambour and bombo. Cano has made several trips to North and South America teaching Galician music. He plays with the duo, Verdegaio, with whom he has made the cd, "Repincoque la Pedra". He was an apprentice to Herme, one of Galicia's acknowledged reed masters.

Re: Gaita Classes in Berkeley august 5,6th

Posted: Sat May 18, 2013 1:05 pm
by anima
beginners classes?

Re: Gaita Classes in Berkeley august 5,6th

Posted: Mon May 20, 2013 12:12 am
by oregaiteiro
there will be a beginner's section. And some of the other 'in depth' classes will be worthwhile for beginners.