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Gaita for sale

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Gaita for sale

Post by finngaitero » Wed Oct 07, 2009 4:10 am

Found this from Chiff&Fipple "Non- uilleannforum"
"Hello there,

Here I have a nice Gaita Gallega en Do. This is a Basadre set and the reason why I am selling it is because I already have too many pipes and I am not really using them at all. The sound is great!! The Puntero (chanter) DOES play 1 octave and a half. It only has one Drone which is the roncon (bass one) If you are interested, send me an email in here or in my personal email address at: docarrete(AT) gmail (dot) com

Here are two videos of me playing the set. The 1st one, I was in a hurry because the camera only had about 1 minute of space left, and that is why it was so fast! ... re=related

The 2nd one, is a slower song in which you will be able to tell how the chanter can play in the second octave ... annel_page

I am asking $650 USD OBO. To be honest, I am not sure how much they are worth, however, I know that Basadre was a good pipe maker!!!


diego Carrete

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