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Ever been a bagpipe alboka (Basque double hornpipe)?

Posted: Tue Oct 05, 2010 7:29 pm
by MatthewVanitas
I was thinking today about some of the Middle Eastern bagpipes found in North Africa and the Persian Gulf, most of which are double-chantered single-reed pipes or hornpipes, droneless, with a bag.

It occurred to me that the Basque alboka is very much like a bagless version of those pipes, and being that it's an Arabic-named instrument (al-bûq" (البوق) (literally "the trumpet" or "the horn")), it is quite probable that it originates from the same family.

Have any Basque musicians ever made up stocks to slip an alboka into a bag? Seems a pretty straightforward task, and an interesting way to engage the instrument.