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Iberian Bagpipe? Please help identify

Posted: Thu Mar 28, 2013 12:39 pm
by kelsohighlander
Recently acquired this from a guy who didn't know what it was. I have a gaita asturiana, and a gaita gallega, and I'm sure it isn't either of those. I owned a gaita-de-fole for a while, and this has some similarities to it. What gets me is the bag size and shape; sucker is huge! Anyone know what kind this is? It seems pretty old, chanter is a bit warped, but everything is a nice dense hardwood with beautiful tight grain. I love the color if it as well... I plan on making the missing drone top section soon, but am unsure which wood to use that would match the best... Any help would be much appreciated in identifying this. Thanks! ... r/library/