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Help Identifying Gaitas

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Help Identifying Gaitas

Post by kelsohighlander » Mon Oct 17, 2011 12:23 pm

Hi, new to the forum. I have two unidentified gaitas

One a pre 60's olive wood? single drone C gaita. Came with a pict. of the bag/piper with them and photo was dated 1957. Took to Brad angus and he said they were olive. He made new reeds/bag for them.

Second one got from a guy who bought them in La Coruna, Spain, in the 80's. Looks to be boxwood/ash? with horn mounts. Single drone, Bb. Chanter plays really well.

Any info on these would be much appreciated!

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Re: Help Identifying Gaitas

Post by LuifeSpain » Fri Oct 21, 2011 8:49 am

Ok, the Gaita with the red Bag cover seems to be a boxwood "imitation" Seivane gaita. The aesthetic is quite similar to Seivane´s gaitas. Probably it cames from a maker who wants to copy Seivane´s work. I´m sure this is not an original Seivane gaita, because Seivane puts his name in all parts of their gaitas.

The darker gaita is not a Galician Gaita, it´s only an asturian gaita with a galician cover. Very nice gaita, in my opinion.

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