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Playing position and pressure on the bag

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Playing position and pressure on the bag

Post by fahnreich » Wed Jun 19, 2013 12:38 am

As a beginner I am just starting out and trying to get the timing for when to blow and how much pressure I need. I find myself over blowing or just filling up the bag and continuing to blow into the pipe until I get tired.
I know that I am doing it wrong so I am doing the ergo-dynamic thing and trying to figure out the best position for the bag, aside from "just stick it under your arm". I find myself squeezing it and trying to bring my elbow, if the bag weren't there, across the front of my body. I have started to try out different positions as well, such as squeezing the bag by bringing my arm straight down toward my side or wrapping my arm around the bag and squeezing the bag more like a hug. I am not sure which is better or which is the easiest way to squeeze the bag.
Any advice here would be good.
I hope that what I have written makes sense.

Also, is it normal that when the bag gets low you need to squeeze harder and harder to keep the bag going? I am trying to play it all the way to the squeaky end and it gets impossibly hard to squeeze with just one bag full.

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Re: Playing position and pressure on the bag

Post by anima » Sat Jun 22, 2013 1:40 pm

no need to squeeze the bitter dregs out of the bag, blow when you feel uncomfortable with the amount of pressure you are using to make a sound. It is a feel, comes with time.
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